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50 Gifts for a Mom to Be: Thoughtful and Perfect Ideas

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Choosing a gift for an expectant mother can be challenging, but with the right navigation, finding the perfect gift is easier than you think. Just keep in mind that for moms-to-be, it’s important to give something that is not only thoughtful but also useful. In this post, we will explore 50 gifts for a mom-to-be. We’re sure you’ll find one that suits her needs!

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Taking care of expectant moms should be a key focus, but it’s not the sole focus. Naturally, they deserve lots of love and attention. Consider thoughtful gift baskets stocked with calming lotions and soothing teas, or treat them to relaxing massages tailored for pregnant women.

One of my favorite gifts while I was pregnant was a “Bump Box“, which includes belly butter, bath soaks, a sonogram frame, a satin sleep mask and more. I thought it was such a thoughtful gift and the presentation was adorable!

Practical gifts like maternity clothing or baby shower gift boxes also make her journey into motherhood smoother. And don’t forget gifts to help her care for her present family’s needs. There are endless ways to express your gratitude.

These gifts would be perfect for Christmas, Mother’s Day or any other occasion where you can make her feel special, like baby showers or birthdays! So let’s dive in and discover more about these 50 gifts for a mom to be!

1. Pampering Gift Basket

If you want to spoil a mom-to-be, put together a fancy spa-themed gift basket. It’s like giving her a mini vacation without leaving home.

What to Include

  • Bath Bombs: These little fizzy wonders turn bath time into a luxurious experience.
  • Body Lotions: Pregnancy can make skin as dry as the Sahara desert. Help her stay moisturized and supple with a good quality lotion.
  • Aromatherapy Candles: Set the mood with scented candles that make her feel like she’s in a zen garden.

For extra pampering, throw in some face masks, foot soaks, or essential oils. Make her feel like royalty.

And don’t forget the treats! Add some gourmet chocolates or a nicely presented herbal tea set to satisfy her cravings. Because let’s be real, pregnancy is just an excuse to eat ALL the things.

Choose scents and flavors that you know she loves. If you’re not sure, go for classics like lavender (relaxing), vanilla (comforting), or citrus (refreshing).

Packaging Perfection

The appearance of your gift is just as important as the contents. Make your gift look irresistible by using shredded paper filler at the bottom of the basket. Wrap it up with clear cellophane and tie a pretty bow on top. Again, you can customize the colors and materials to fit her tastes.

If you aren’t great at gift-wrapping, you can get some help from tutorials online or have it professionally done. Most gift shops or department stores will do it for an additional price, but don’t skimp! This thoughtful gesture shows that you care about her well-being during pregnancy. And that’s worth more than all the bath bombs in the world.

2. Relaxing Massage Gift

pregnant woman receiving a prenatal massage

Give the gift of stress relief to a mom-to-be with a relaxation massage. I remember receiving this gift during one of my pregnancies. It was not just relaxing but healing to my sore, strained muscles.

A certified prenatal massage therapist can work wonders for common pregnancy discomforts like back pain and swollen ankles. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life, prenatal massages give moms-to-be the opportunity to focus on her own wellbeing.

Prenatal massages also improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and prepare the body for labor. The whole process is an overall health boost.

When giving this gift (usually by way of a gift card or appointment reservation), make sure you choose a spa or wellness center that specializes in prenatal massages. 

Consider gifting a single session or splurge on multiple sessions throughout her pregnancy. And if going out isn’t an option for her, hire a professional masseuse for an in-home session.

Include a thoughtful message along with the gift card, to express your appreciation for her health and happiness during this special period. What you say in the card is just as important as the gift.

3. Stylish Maternity Clothing

During pregnancy, most women already feel frumpy and out of sorts. That’s why I wanted these 50 gifts for moms-to-be to include stylish clothing. Women going through their pregnancy journey should feel fabulous and comfortable. Their appearance should highlight the beautiful miracle happening inside of them. The right maternity clothing can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas:

  • Fashionable Maternity Dresses. Who says pregnancy can’t be glamorous? Consider a flattering wrap dress like this beautiful one that comes in various colors and patterns.
  • Comfortable Maternity Pants. Jeans are a wardrobe staple, and pregnant mamas shouldn’t miss out. Get a pair of maternity jeans with an elastic waistband designed to accommodate growing bellies. If the mom-to-be is a working mom, grab a pair from my curated list of best maternity work pants.
  • Nursing Tops for Post-Pregnancy. Let’s not forget about the post-pregnancy phase. Expectant moms who plan to breastfeed will appreciate the gift of a cute but functional nursing top

Choose your gift thoughtfully, with return receipts available, so the mom-to-be in your life will have the option to switch out styles, color or sizes. They’ll thank you for it.

4. Baby Shower Gift Box

Anticipating the arrival of your little one is exciting, but don’t forget to celebrate with a Baby Shower Gift Box. Think of it as a starter kit for new moms, saving them from having to shop for essentials themselves.

If you want to elevate your baby shower gift box, include these baby essentials for those first few weeks postpartum:

  • Diapers: A newborn goes through an average of 10-12 diapers per day, so include a pack or two.
  • Baby Wipes: These are used multiple times daily for diaper changes and cleaning hands and face.
  • Clothing: Soft cotton onesies suitable for newborns with sensitive skin. I love these, they’re made of organic cotton and have the cutest sayings!
  • Pacifiers & Bottles: Great additions if mom plans on bottle feeding or using pacifiers.

You can customize the gift box based on the mom-to-be’s preferences. Organic products for natural alternatives or themed clothing if there’s already a nursery theme in place. There are plenty of options available online to create your own personalized baby shower gift box.

This practical yet heartfelt present shows that you care about both mother and child. So whether it’s your sister, friend, or colleague who’s expecting, consider gifting them a baby shower gift box.

5. Pregnancy Journal

Woman writing in pregnancy journal with sonograms in front of her

A solid choice as a gift for a mom-to-be is a pregnancy journal! Picture this – a few years down the road, she’s flipping through it, reliving the morning sickness saga and the “get-this-baby-out-of-me” moments.

It can also serve as a judgment-free zone where she can spill the beans about cravings, mood swings, and the occasional “I can’t see my feet” panic. It’s her spot to jot down all the crazy stuff happening in her body and mind.

Pregnancy journals can also be pretty practical. Medical appointments, baby shower plans, nursery ideas – everything’s in one place. So if the mom-to-be is a planner, a pregnancy journal makes for an ideal gift.

I highly recommend any of the journals from Promptly Journals, which come in beautiful colors and fancy leather covers, or The Pregnancy Journal– which has more of a clean modern look and is dedicated only to pregnancy.

For ideas on making a creative baby book, check out 19 Adorable Baby Book Ideas.

45 More Expectant Mom Gift Ideas

So far, I’ve highlighted five of my top gift ideas for moms-to-be, but depending on your budget, you might want to try some of these:

  1. Pregnancy pillow for better sleep: Elevate comfort during pregnancy with a specially designed pillow for a more restful night’s sleep.
  2. A prenatal yoga or exercise class package: Nurture both body and mind with a gift of prenatal classes, fostering a healthy and active pregnancy.
  3. Maternity support belt/band for back pain: Provide relief from back pain and discomfort with a supportive maternity belt.
  4. A stylish diaper bag: Combine fashion and functionality with a chic diaper bag, perfect for the stylish mom on the go. For a diaper bag that is also serves as a breast pump bag, check out this post on 9 Best Breast Pump Bags.
  5. Parenting books or magazines: Offer valuable insights and knowledge with a collection of informative parenting books or magazine subscriptions.
  6. A subscription to a meal kit service: Simplify meal preparation with a subscription to a convenient and nutritious meal kit service, like one from Home Fresh.
  7. A maternity photoshoot session: Capture the beauty of pregnancy with a professional maternity photoshoot, preserving precious moments forever.
  8. Baby name book: Inspire and guide with a book dedicated to baby names and their origins and meanings, helping to find the perfect one.
  9. Belly butter or oil for stretch marks: Pamper and care for her changing body with soothing belly butter or oil.
  10. Comfortable maternity bras and underwear: Ensure comfort and support with specially designed maternity bras and underwear.
  11. A birthing ball for exercise and labor: Aid in exercise and labor preparation with a birthing ball, promoting flexibility and comfort.
  12. A baby heartbeat monitor: Create unforgettable moments by listening to the baby’s heartbeat with a handheld monitor.
  13. Portable handheld massager: Relieve pregnancy-related tension and soreness with a portable handheld massager.
  14. Compression socks for swollen ankles: Alleviate swelling and promote circulation with comfortable compression socks.
  15. Bluetooth pregnancy belly speaker: I love this one- play music or recorded messages to your baby through a Bluetooth belly speaker.
  16. Non-alcoholic sparkling cider or champagne: Celebrate without alcohol with a delightful bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider or champagne.
  17. Postpartum recovery gift basket: Support her postpartum journey with a thoughtful gift basket containing recovery essentials.
  18. Maternity photo frame: Frame cherished maternity photos in a stylish frame, creating a lasting keepsake.
  19. Personalized jewelry with the baby’s name: Commemorate the baby’s arrival with personalized jewelry featuring their name. This was one of the sweetest gifts I received before my baby was born.
  20. A pregnancy skincare gift set: Pamper her with a curated set of skincare products designed for pregnancy, promoting self-care.
  21. A baby essentials class: Equip her with essential baby care knowledge through a comprehensive baby essentials class.
  22. A pregnancy cookbook: Inspire healthy eating during pregnancy with a cookbook filled with nutritious and delicious recipes.
  23. Prenatal vitamins subscription: Ensure she receives essential nutrients with a subscription to prenatal vitamins.
  24. A keepsake pregnancy necklace: Adorn her with a beautiful necklace symbolizing the journey of pregnancy.
  25. A maternity subscription box: Surprise her with the popular curated subscription boxes from Bump Boxes, which are filled with thoughtful maternity-related items.
  26. A pregnancy and baby planner: Stay organized and prepared for the baby’s arrival with a comprehensive pregnancy and baby planner.
  27. Personalized newborn announcement: Share the joy of the baby’s arrival with personalized and creative newborn announcements.
  28. A maternity robe or loungewear: Enhance her comfort and style with a cozy maternity robe or loungewear set.
  29. A subscription to a streaming service: Provide entertainment during downtime with a subscription to a popular streaming service, like Netflix or Prime Video.
  30. Pregnancy-safe teas or herbal remedies: Foster relaxation and well-being with a selection of pregnancy-safe teas or herbal remedies.
  31. Take her out to her favorite restaurant: Treat her to a special night out with a meal at her favorite restaurant.
  32. Rechargeable baby-bottle warmer: Make mom’s life easier with a convenient rechargeable baby-bottle warmer.
  33. Prenatal online classes or courses: Expand her knowledge with online classes covering various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.
  34. Cook and deliver homemade meals to her: Show love and support by cooking and delivering homemade meals during pregnancy. A friend once brought me her famous baked ziti while I was pregnant and it was ah-mazing!
  35. Baby name art or custom artwork: Decorate the nursery with personalized baby name art or custom artwork.
  36. Her favorite snacks: Stock up on her favorite snacks, satisfying cravings and providing a thoughtful treat.
  37. Personalized baby gifts like a baby blanket or onesies: Welcome the baby with personalized gifts, such as a cozy blanket or adorable onesies.
  38. A babymoon vacation package: Create lasting memories with a babymoon vacation package, offering relaxation before the baby arrives.
  39. A fitness tracker watch: Support her fitness journey during pregnancy with a stylish and functional fitness tracker watch, like this one from Amazfit, which conveniently monitors stress, blood oxygen, and sleep quality.
  40. Water-bottle with time markings: Mamas need to stay hydrated! Encourage hydration with a water bottle featuring time markings for easy tracking throughout the day.
  41. A maternity swimsuit: Embrace pregnancy with confidence by gifting a stylish and comfortable maternity swimsuit.
  42. Comfortable shoes or slippers: Provide comfort for her feet with a pair of cozy and supportive shoes or slippers.
  43. Belly casting kit: Capture the beauty of the baby bump with a belly casting kit, creating a unique keepsake.
  44. A cute tote bag for the hospital: Add a touch of style to hospital visits with a cute and functional tote bag, like this one with “Mama” imprinted on it.
  45. Baby memory book: Chronicle the baby’s milestones and memories with a beautifully designed baby memory book.

FAQs in Relation to 50 Gifts for a Mom to Be

A pampering gift basket with skincare and relaxation items is an excellent choice for a mom-to-be.

A push gift, also known as a “push present” or “baby mama gift,” is a present given to a new mother by her partner, family, or friends to celebrate the birth of a child. A push gift can be anything meaningful, such as jewelry, maternity clothing, or even a Home Spa Day Kit.

An ideal post-birth present could be a meal delivery service subscription or a baby shower gift box filled with essentials for the newborn.


Now that you’ve looked through this list of 50 amazing gifts for a mom to be you are more than prepared to bring cheer to any woman expecting or post-partum. 

This is such a challenging and special time. We need to support the women in our lives as they journey through it. From pampering gift baskets to stylish maternity clothing, these options cover a multitude of needs and wants. 

These great gift ideas are sure to show her how much you care and that she is supported all the way, encouraging her to become the best mom she can.

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