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Hi, I’m Yesenia

A full-time career-driven mom of two kids. I’ve experienced all of the stressful moments of early parenthood while trying to work a full-time job. I know what it’s like to have to choose constantly between excelling at work and tending to your family’s needs, while trying to figure out when to make time for yourself.

Through my work experiences as both a busy lawyer and certified project manager, I was able to successfully create routines and systems in my own home that helped me balance my own priorities, spend quality time with my family, and find more time to do the things I enjoy doing, like going out with friends and writing!

My goal through Hard Knock Mama is to help working moms knock out their to-do list in half the time and make time for themselves WITHOUT the mom guilt, so that you can stop feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and like you’re failing as a mom!