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12 Best Maternity Work Pants in 2024

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Maternity work pants are one maternity clothing item that every mom-to-be should consider buying. While you may be able to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes to work for a few months, sooner or later you may find that you’ll have to start investing in some maternity work clothes to feel comfortable at work with your growing belly.

To save you time and effort from scouring the internet, check out this great list of maternity work pants that are comfortable, trendy, and appropriate for the office.

When I was pregnant, it was a little bit of a struggle to find good maternity clothes. It was even more difficult to find maternity clothes suitable for work. During my first pregnancy, I managed to make due with wearing dresses because it was summertime. For my second pregnancy, I was due at the end of October, so I chose to stock up on maternity pants due to the cooler temps in my last trimester.

Keep reading to see my list of my favorite maternity work pants that are both comfortable and practical.

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Best Maternity Work Pants to Suit Your Professional Lifestyle

Women who are pregnant deserve fashionable maternity work outfits that are both functional and comfortable. Thankfully, maternity pants for work come in a variety of stylish cuts to fit any mom’s taste.

Here is my list for best maternity pants for work:

1: Motherhood Maternity Straight Leg Suiting Pant

  • Motherhood Maternity, one of the most well-known maternity brands, makes these maternity work pants.
  • They look great for a professional work setting due to its straight suited style.
  • They are also stretchy and will grow with you as you increase in size through your pregnancy.
  • Users love how comfortable and soft the belly band is.
  • They are also very reasonably priced at around $40.

2: Kindred Bravely Louisa Maternity Support Leggings

  • Kindred Bravely has some of the best maternity clothes! They are high quality, comfortable, and made to last.
  • If you’re looking for leggings that are ideal for wearing underneath dresses and tunics and appropriate for the office, Kindred Bravely’s Louisa leggings are the perfect fit.
  • They are ultra high waisted and go all the way up to your underbust.
  • These leggings also offer light compression for extra support and coverage.
  • You can also get these leggings with pockets, which are conveniently deep enough to fit your keys and cell phone.
  • They come in a variety of colors.
  • Moms reviewing these leggings love them because they are not see through and they are incredibly soft.

3. Alina Mae Maternity Capris

  • Alina Mae pants were created by a mom for moms, and strives to support all hard working moms with comfortable and professional maternity wear.
  • They are simple and versatile enough to be able to lounge around at home with a casual top, while easy to dress up with a blouse and wear to work.
  • They are made of a super stretchy fabric and adjustable elastic waistband so you can wear these pants well into your last month of pregnancy.
  • These capris have big pockets that can fit your cell phone, a diaper, or a bottle.
  • Reviewers love the soft fabric and adjustable waist band.

4: POSHGLAM Maternity Pants for Work

  • The best thing about Poshglam’s maternity work pants is its fabric, which is highly breathable, stretchy, and wrinkle-free.
  • These pants come with an over-the-belly elastic high waist and 2 front pockets to hold all of your essentials.
  • Despite being maternity pants, they have an awesome slim fit and professional look, making them perfect for the workplace.
  • Petite moms especially love these pants due to its perfect length.

5: Cherokee Workwear Professionals Maternity Scrubs

  • For pregnant mamas who also work in the medical industry, Cherokee’s maternity scrubs are ideal.
  • They have two-way stretch for all day comfort while you’re moving around.
  • These maternity pants are made with fabric that retains color and is wrinkle resistant to allow them to hold its shape and wear even after multiple uses and washes.
  • Moms love that they are true to size and come in multiple colors.

6: Kindred Bravely Everyday Maternity Joggers

  • If you work for a more casual office, these joggers are a great option and are easy to dress up or down for a pulled together look.
  • They come in a relaxed tapered fit and a drawstring elastic waistband to offer flexibility as your belly grows.
  • They also come in multiple beautiful colors.
  • Reviewers love these pants for their high comfort and super soft material.

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7. My Bump Maternity Bohemian Damask Palazzo Pants

  • My Bump’s Bohemian maternity pants are extra flowy and lightweight which are great for wearing on warm weather temps.
  • These maternity work pants come in tons of fun different colors and styles so you could buy some for work and play.
  • The stretchy waistband offers tummy control and can easily be rolled up and worn over the belly or folded down.
  • These pants are versatile enough to wear to sleep, to lounge, for a party, and dressed up for work.
  • Moms reviewing these pants love how long and flowy these pants are, but warn that they are a bit see-through, so make sure to wear a sweater or long blouse if wearing to work!

8: Ecavus Maternity Wide/Straight Pregnancy Trousers

  • These Ecavus maternity pregnancy are the best maternity trousers because they have wide legs for a flowy and elegant look.
  • They are versatile enough to be able to wear them all day as you’re moving about at work and commuting to and from home.
  • Ecavus maternity pants are made of super soft materials making it ideal for any occasion during your pregnancy.
  • These maternity pants come in different neutral color options and lengths.
  • Buyers love that these pants can be worn casually and for the office.

9: Foucome Womens Maternity Bootcut Dress Pants

  • These flare leg dress pants are stylish and cute for work, and offer a comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy.
  • These pants are made of fabric that offers some stretch for freedom of movement and are wrinkle resistant too.
  • The best part is the adjustable elastic high-waisted belly panel that will accommodate your growing baby bump and allow you to tuck in your blouse for a trendy, sophisticated look.
  • They also come with big side pockets to hold all your necessities!
  • Reviewers love the comfort of these stretchy pants but warn about the tricky sizing and thick material (better for colder temps).

10. fitglam Women’s Skinny Maternity Pants

  • fitglam’s skinny maternity pants will instantly give you a polished, tailored look.
  • They’re made of premium stretch woven fabric and an over-the-bump band that will grow with you.
  • Unlike many maternity pants, they also come with 4 functional pockets so you can store your essentials.
  • Reviewers love the full-size pockets and how easy you can dress them up or down.

11. Maacie Maternity Flare Leggings

  • Maacie’s maternity flare leggings offer an attractive design for pregnant moms who still want to look stylish in the office.
  • They come with 4 functional pockets- a rarity in maternity pants.
  • Belt loops below the belly provide practicality, offering support for the growing belly.
  • Reviewers rave about the fit of these pants and the material, which feels high-quality and luxurious.

12. PACBREEZE Women’s Maternity Pants

  • The PACBREEZE maternity pants have earned acclaim from customers for their durable, comfortable, and professional design.
  • The material won’t pill or fade and claims to maintain its quality even after extended use.
  • They have 2 front pockets for convenient storage of phone, cards, keys, or other belongings.
  • Customers love the pant’s versatility, flattering fit, and surprising quality at an affordable price.

Why You Should Buy Maternity Work Pants

Woman looking at belly in workwear

There are a few reasons it’s a good idea to buy maternity work pants if you work outside the home:

  • Comfort. The last thing you want is to deal with too-tight pants while you’re trying to close a deal at work. Pregnant moms should do what they can to stay comfortable during the workday, especially due to all the other discomforts you may be experiencing from your pregnancy.
  • Flexibility. Maternity pants for work might fit you longer than maternity jeans or skirts and dresses. That’s because you can find maternity pants that are stretchier and looser in both the waistband and throughout the legs.
  • Professionalism. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing frumpy unprofessional clothes! There are lots of options these days for appealing maternity work pants and leggings that are professional and trendy.
  • Easy to pair. Maternity pants are also easier to dress up and match with your regular work attire compared to maternity jeans or skirts/dresses. You can wear maternity pants with a shirt tucked in or shirt untucked and still look pretty professional and ready for the office.

As you can see, maternity work pants are an excellent choice for maternity clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity pants are pants specifically designed for pregnant women. Like other maternity clothes, women buy maternity pants to adapt to their expanding size during their entire pregnancy. Maternity pants may look similar to regular pants, but will have extra fabric that goes up partially or all the way over your belly, and adjustments to the waistbands and panels to be able to accommodate a growing belly.

Although you can certainly continue to wear your pre-pregnancy pants until you get quite a bit larger, you should start wearing maternity pants when your regular clothes start to feel uncomfortable. For a new mom, that may not be until your third trimester of pregnancy. For a second or third time mom, you may find yourself needing maternity wear as early as your second trimester.

You’ll know you’re ready for maternity pants when your regular work jeans or pants are becoming too constricting. At that point, maternity pants will start to feel like a breath of fresh air.

While you may be able to make due with just any pair of maternity leggings, the best pants for pregnancy have:

  1. Adjustable waist bands to accommodate your ever-expanding belly.
  2. Fabric that goes all the way over your entire belly.
  3. Breathable material so you’re not sweating profusely when the weather is hot.
  4. Stretchy soft material that’s forgiving in all the right places.
  5. Support to ease lower back pain, although not all maternity pants offer this additional support. But if you can find one, that’s certainly a plus!

When purchasing maternity pants, it’s important to know what size pants you should buy in light of your growing belly. The good news is that for the most part, your maternity size will be the same as your pre-pregnancy size. So if you were a small before your pregnancy, you’ll likely remain a small in maternity wear.

Even if you end up needing to size up, most maternity pants are designed to fit you until you’re well into your third trimester, making it less likely you’ll need to size up again later in your pregnancy.

Overall, maternity pants should fit you in terms of length, not be too tight in the waist, and fit comfortably when worn with your normal underwear.


Maternity work pants are a necessary wardrobe staple for any full time mama with a growing belly. And as you can see, they don’t have to be frumpy or boring! With this list in hand, you’ll be able to find maternity pants in a variety of styles that will have you looking cute and professional well into your 3rd trimester.

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