19 Adorable Baby Book Ideas

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Baby memory books are a great way to document your baby’s first year of life. You can use a baby book to record major milestones and special events. You can also use it as your baby’s photo album and store photos of all those little moments you never want to forget.

Baby memory books also make the perfect gift for a baby shower because it’s something parents will definitely use and look back to for years. So make sure you add one you like to your baby registry!

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I created a memory book for each of my kids. I have to say as time consuming as it could be to make one, I’m so glad I did it! I look through them frequently and it always makes me smile to see those special memories (and nostalgic). My toddler also loves looking through her book to see her baby pictures and all her family members holding her.

Whether you got a baby book as a gift or made your own, you may be wondering what you should add to it. Read on for my list of creative ways for documenting your baby’s first year.

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What Kind of Baby Book to Buy

What kind of baby book you should buy or add to your registry is entirely dependent on your personal preference and what you intend on documenting. Here are some different options for memory books:

You can also check out the Lucy Darling online store for some amazing and unique baby memory books.

Make sure you do your research and browse through the baby book images and description list of what it covers. The last thing you want is a baby book that collects dust because it doesn’t meet your needs.

When to Start a Baby Memory Book

You can start a baby book right after your baby is born. However, it’s perfectly fine to start adding pre-baby info while you’re still pregnant! For example, you could add details about your baby shower or photos of your ultrasounds.

It’s never too late to start one. Sometimes the first few months are hectic with lack of sleep and non-stop feeding schedules. The best way to stay consistent is to pick up the baby book whenever you’re free, fill a page or a few pages at a time, and make the process enjoyable. You can even make it a whole family project and get your husband or your other children involved!

Baby Memory Book Ideas

Here is a list of baby book ideas and what you can include in it:

1. Positive Pregnancy Test Photo

Remember that special time when you found out you were pregnant and your heart stopped ? What better way to document that feeling than taking a picture of your positive pregnancy test and adding it to the beginning of your baby book. You can even add a little story of how and when you found out you were pregnant!

2. Story of How You and Your Partner Met

Another way to start off your baby book is to write about how it all started: the romantic story of how you and your partner met and fell in love. I did this in one of the first pages of my daughter’s baby book and added some early pictures of when me and my husband dated.

3. Ultrasound Pictures

couple holding ultrasound photo

One of the most special moments of your pregnancy is getting an ultrasound and seeing your baby growing inside you. So don’t throw away those ultrasound pictures your doctor gives you! Save a nice, clear picture and add it to the baby book.

4. Pregnancy Announcement

Have interesting or funny stories about how you announced your pregnancy to friends and family? Include it in the baby book! For example, I gave Christmas presents to my mom and mother-in-law with the sonogram picture inside the gift. The pictures we took of their excited reactions were priceless! I couldn’t help but add them to the baby book to be able to look back on.

5. Maternity Shoot Photos

pregnant mom holding hands with husband and holding baby shoes

Now more than ever, moms are hiring professional photographers for pregnancy photos. You only have your bump for so long! Print some small copies of you in your beautiful flowy goddess dress and include them in your baby book!

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6. Family Tree

Some baby books have a page where you can add the names and pictures of your baby’s family members in a family tree. You can include the names of parents, stepparents, siblings, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Instead of a family tree, you could also add a nice family photo after your baby’s arrival.

7. Gender Reveal Photos

If you had a gender reveal, these are fun pictures you can include in the baby book. Whether it was cutting a cake and seeing blue filling, or hitting a piñata filled with pink candy, it’s a special pre-baby memory you’ll want to include in your baby book.

8. Baby Shower Photos

Baby books usually have more than one page dedicated to just the baby shower. You can add the shower invitation, pictures of your baby shower, and a list of attendees and special gifts you received on that day.

9. Birth Story

Writing down your birth story in your baby book is a must (unless you rather forget it, some labors are too traumatizing to think back on!). At the very least, you should write down what time of day you gave birth, and the baby’s height and weight at birth. You can also add details about what hospital or birthing center you gave birth in, your doctor or midwife’s name, and any funny or touching stories of your labor.

baby footprints to add to baby book

10. Baby’s Footprints

Some hospitals will take your baby’s footprint and give you a copy as a keepsake. If they do, you can add it to your baby book. You can even pack your baby book with you in your hospital bag and ask if one of the nurses will stamp your baby’s feet in the book. Or you can do it yourself at home with this “Clean-touch” ink pad for babies.

11. Baby’s First Day Home Story

Remember the anxiousness and excitement of bringing your baby home for the first time? Write down the story of your baby finally coming home, what outfit they wore, what siblings or other household members they met for the first time, and include any pictures of that special day.

12. Nursery Pictures

This is one of my favorite things to add in a baby book: pictures of the baby’s room! You worked so hard to pick out a cute theme and decor, why not preserve those memories in the baby book? That nursery will look very different in a few years as the baby gets older so it’s nice to look back on!

13. Baby with First Visitors Photos

The baby may get a lot of visitors those first few weeks. Make sure to snap lots of pics of your close friends and family with the baby and add some to the baby book! You can also include a list of their names, why each person is special to you, and what they did to help you and the baby in those first few weeks.

baby sleeping in box for photoshoot

14. Newborn Professional Photos

Many first-time parents like to do newborn professional photos during the baby’s first few weeks of life. If you do, make sure you purchase or print some additional small copies, as these are perfect to include in the baby book.

15. Major Milestones

There are going to be so many “first” moments you’ll want to remember and add to your baby book including:

  • First bath
  • First smile
  • First time rolling over
  • First word
  • First time crawling
  • First time eating solids
  • First haircut
  • First steps
  • First tooth

Add any photos of these big milestones if you have them (like an adorable pic of your baby with food all over his face from his first time eating solids)! For a more sentimental touch, you can include details about who was there during that “first,” how you felt, where you were, and any other funny or relevant stories about that moment.

16. Special Events and Holidays

Similarly, you can add photos and details of any major events and holidays during the first year of your baby’s life. Examples include:

  • First Christmas
  • First Easter
  • First Halloween (and your baby’s cute costume!)
  • First Thanksgiving
  • Baptism
  • Bris
  • Vacations
  • First Birthday- (arguably the most important! Add two pages worth of details of your baby’s first birthday, the birthday cake, the theme, attendees, and lots of photos).
baby's sitting in front of One balloons for her first birthday

17. Monthly Photoshoots

A great way to see how your baby has changed over time is to take a photo on their “monthday” and add them in your baby book. For each month, you can also write down details about any “firsts” that took place that month, your baby’s like and dislikes, favorite toys and books, and any other memorable moments.

18. Health Stats and Doctor Visits

During your baby’s first year, there will be many checkup visits to the doctor! If you want an easy way to keep track of your baby’s growth during each visit, you can document some key health stats from those checkups, including your baby’s height and weight, and any vaccinations they received.

19. Words of Wisdom

For a personal touch, you can write a cute message to your baby or some words of wisdom you’d like to pass along. You can talk about how much you love them, what your dreams and goals are for them, and even your worries and struggles. Your baby will one day grow up and read them and maybe get as emotional as you were the day you wrote it.

Last Word on Baby Books

As you can see from these baby book ideas, there are endless unique ways you can create your baby memory book. No matter what you fill it with, make sure you take your time and make it an enjoyable process. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and it shouldn’t be!), but if you’re consistent, you’ll be able to fill it with beautiful memories you and your growing child can always look back on.

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