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19 Unique Date Ideas for Married Couples

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Love is timeless, and so are memorable date nights with your spouse. Time however, is not always on the side of a busy mom with a packed schedule. While maintaining a connection with your partner can be difficult, it’s important to place value and prioritize your relationship. That’s why we’ve hand-picked some unique date ideas for married couples to help spice things up!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just an ordinary day, these enjoyable and doable date ideas will rekindle the romance and create treasured memories. And not only do these date ideas promote togetherness, but they are also cheap and budget-friendly!

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My favorite date ideas happen to be the simplest. My love language is quality time so I don’t need big, fancy displays of affection. Just a nice, thoughtful gesture speaks volumes for me. I love taking my husband out to our favorite sushi spot, watching a hilarious comedy show, or just cooking up a new recipe together at home. It’s in these simple yet meaningful moments, that I feel the most connected and cherished.

You don’t have to think of dates as over-the-top events! It’s more important that that you and your spouse carve out the time to focus on each other and do something you each enjoy.

Date Ideas for Married Couples to Reignite the Romance

1. See a Romantic Film

Staying home and seeing a movie with your partner is always a good time. Curl up beneath a blanket in your cozy home with a bottle of wine, some cheese nibbles, popcorn, and a mood-setting candle. Watch a romantic Valentine’s Day movie or a movie marathon of your favorite films as a couple. Select movies that have special meaning for you; these could be the first ones you saw together or ones from the beginning of your romance. Some of my favorites include The Notebook, La La Land, and Crazy, Stupid Love.

2. Home-Cooked Candlelight Dinner

Couples that cook together, stay together. Start the evening by putting together a unique dinner that you both cook. Pick a recipe you enjoy making together, or try something different. The key is to make it a joint effort, turning the preparation into a beautiful shared experience. Enjoy a romantic dinner at home by setting the table with candles and relaxing music.

3. DIY Spa Night

Treat yourself and your spouse to a soothing DIY spa night to decompress after a long day of balancing work and family obligations. You can recreate the experience of a spa by lowering the lights, turning on calming music, and indulging in luxurious treatments. This unisex spa set has everything you need to get started. Take turns massaging and masking each other’s faces while you relax and enjoy a peaceful, refreshing evening.

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4. Visit Vintage Stores

Take your significant other on a treasure hunt through your neighborhood vintage store. A thrift store date might seem like a departure from traditional romantic outings, but it can add spontaneity and adventure to your relationship. A nice vintage thrift store is full of surprises and provides a good opportunity to laugh at interesting finds and reminisce about the past. Even if you don’t find anything to purchase, the experience alone might just offer the excitement you needed.

5. Whip Up Some Chocolate Fondue

What’s more romantic than preparing chocolate-covered strawberries with hot melted fondue at home? It’s a classic and sexy way to spice things up! I bring out my fondue set once in a while and it never fails to create an intimate setting.

6. Organize a Board Game or Trivia Night at Home

Studies reveal that having fun together is one of the most crucial elements regarding marriage fulfillment. Game nights are not only fun but they can also strengthen the bond between married couples by encouraging teamwork and friendly competition. To make the evening even more enjoyable, dress in your coziest pajamas, get a variety of foods, open a bottle of champagne, and maybe use an app that offers entertaining trivia. Some great games include Heads Up, Uno, or this intimacy deck that includes over 150 conversation starters.

7. Spend Time Together Over Breakfast

Nights can be busy, and babysitters are costly. Instead, enjoy a romantic breakfast to start your day. A big plus about breakfast dates if you’re on a budget is that breakfast tends to be a cheaper meal than dinner. Head over to the trendiest cafe in town with your partner and indulge in a decadent stack of pancakes!

8. Surprise Your Partner

If you’re struggling to create a special date for both of you, there’s no need to go to great lengths. Surprising your spouse can be as simple as finally doing the little things they’ve asked you to do but that you still need to get around to doing.

Consider unexpected acts, like cleaning the room, handling the dishes, getting groceries, or sprucing up the lawn. These are things your spouse might not anticipate you taking care of. While your spouse might need some time to process this surprising turn of events initially, they will undoubtedly be deeply touched and grateful.

9. Bookstore or Library Date

If you both enjoy reading, consider visiting a library or bookstore. Look through your mutually preferred genres, select a book, and enjoy some quiet reading time. It’s a low-key, thought-provoking method to connect, catch up, and discuss anything! Consider your own private book club.

10. Take a Romantic Train Journey

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Take your significant other on a romantic train ride where you can enjoy the great outdoors. This is an especially great option if all those gorgeous vacation photos on Instagram make you feel restless, but you don’t have the funds or the vacation time to get on a plane. Consider taking a scenic route that takes you through picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and breathtaking views.

11. Recreate an Old Date

Nostalgia can promote commitment in relationships, according to research studies. So when considering date ideas for married couples, make the most of it. Consider your best date as a couple and recreate it. For example, my husband once in a while will take me to a college basketball game at our alma mater. It brings back so many memories of when we were teenagers dating. Returning down memory lane can revitalize your marriage as you revisit the things that first drew you to your partner.

12. Watch a Comedy Show

If everyday life’s stresses make it difficult for you to connect, consider spending time together watching a comedy show. Research shows that laughing together can help people be more open to one another. Attend a live show if your schedule permits it. But if attending live shows isn’t an option, you can watch comedy specials featuring well-known comedians on services like Netflix (my hubby and I love doing this, it instantly puts us in a good mood!). Some hilarious comedians to watch: Nate Bargatze, Jim Gaffigan, and Trever Noah.

13. Take a Wine-Tasting or Cocktail-Making class

If you and your spouse enjoy a good drink, check out local wine tasting or cocktail making classes. You often don’t need to travel far- sometimes your local liquor store or winery will host classes. Because these activities often take place in a relaxed and social atmosphere, they’re perfect for married couples looking to unwind and connect.

14. Make Some Beer at Home

Alternatively, if your partner is more of a beer person, they’ll enjoy learning how to make beer with you. An at-home brewing kit makes the process straightforward. Enjoying a homemade brew that you both created adds an extra layer of fulfillment to the experience, making it a memorable and enjoyable date option for beer-loving couples.

15. Together, Volunteer Someplace

Instead of indulging in excessive romance, consider showing love to someone else who might be in even greater need. Volunteers are constantly needed at soup meals, homeless shelters, and animal shelters (because furry babies need love, too!). Not only will it make you feel good to give back, but it’s also healthy for your marriage. Studies have found that volunteering together can actually help you form a healthy bond with your partner.

16. Attend a Local Concert or Sport Event

While concert and sporting event prices are through the roof these days, even attending a local concert at your favorite small venue or cheering for the home team at a local college sports game can create unforgettable moments for married couples. These events provide an electric atmosphere where you can both immerse yourselves in the thrill of live entertainment. The more spontaneity and joy you can bring to your relationship, the better!

17. Paint and Sip (at home!)

You might be able to find a few art classes locally where you can paint while sipping on some lovely wine. However, you can also recreate this experience at home for a budget-friendly option. Just gather some art supplies, choose a painting tutorial online, and uncork a bottle of your favorite wine. Set up a cozy painting corner at home with soft music playing in the background, and enjoy a relaxed evening of creativity and conversation. The beauty of this at-home paint and sip is that you have the flexibility to paint at your own pace, share laughs without any time constraints, and create a piece of art that holds sentimental value.

18. Take a Fitness Class Together

Girl on treadmill while partner is standing next to her

Add some sweat to your date with an energizing fitness class! Not only will you support each other’s health goals, but you’ll also inject a dose of fun and motivation into your relationship. Look for high energy dance classes (Zumba!), a challenging boxing class (like Rumble), or a calming yoga session.

19. Act Like a Tourist

Take a fresh perspective on your own city or explore a nearby town as if you were visiting for the first time. Visit iconic landmarks, try local delicacies, and take lots of photos. Take guided city tours, museum visits, or even a scenic boat ride. This date idea is not only a playful and exciting way to spend time together but also an opportunity to rediscover the charm and wonder that may have become overlooked in your hometown.

How to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Have you been together for some time? Offer personalized gestures and make your partner feel truly special. One benefit of marriage is that you have a deeper grasp of each other’s preferences. Your history together offers a rich tapestry of shared experiences, unlike younger couples who could still be getting to know one other. To make your date unforgettable, let your partner’s choices inspire your creative activities.

Consider unique and thoughtful ways to express your love, keeping your partner’s likes and dislikes at the forefront of your plans. Start by reflecting on what truly brings joy to your significant other’s heart. Once you understand clearly, craft your date activities around these cherished preferences.

Incorporate personal pieces like a shared memory from the past, a favored hobby, or a favorite food that will give the date an additional significance level. For example, I know my husband and I are big foodies, so I like to surprise him with a cooking class on his favorite cuisine (Italian).

Essentially, the secret is embracing the personal touches that add character to your relationship and surpassing generic gestures. Doing this shows off the depth of your connection and your thoughtfulness.


Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean the romantic aspects of life have to end. There’s no need to navigate your days simply weighed down by the constant responsibilities of managing your household, children, parents, finances, and other obligations.

Again, having an in-depth understanding of your partner gives you an advantage. You know what genuinely brings them joy. This insight can be a valuable asset for married couples looking to revitalize their relationship.

Having a specified date night is a must if you’ve been happily married for a significant period. It’s an opportunity to set aside time to express gratitude to your partner for their support and convey your love and affection.

It will also help you actively work towards rejuvenating your relationship or keeping the good energy going. Taking these intentional steps can contribute to the continued vibrancy of your connection, ensuring that the flame of love remains alive and well.

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