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23 Engaging Backyard Activities for Kids: Outdoor Fun and Learning

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In today’s fast-paced digital age, there’s something truly magical about stepping into the great outdoors and rediscovering the joy of simple childhood pleasures. Engaging in backyard activities for kids is not only a great way to keep them active, but also provides learning and physical advantages. It also encourages creativity and curiosity about the world around them.

In this post, we will explore various backyard activities for kids that are sure to keep them entertained and engaged. We’ll cover nature-based activities like bug hunting or planting a mini-garden, as well as encouraging physical activity through obstacle courses or family bike rides. There’s something for everyone!

We’ll also delve into creative building projects using readily available materials, artistic ventures such as sidewalk chalk art-making or rock painting sessions, and even some fun challenges specific to outdoor settings. So whether you have younger kids or older ones, these ideas promise outdoor fun right in your backyard!

As a working mom of two kids, I know summertime can get hectic! My kids have endless energy, even after coming home from camp, and I’ve struggled with keeping my kids busy. Below is my list of some tried and true backyard activities that will keep your kids occupied for hours!

Nature-Based Activities for Kids

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Transform your backyard into an educational playground with nature-based activities. These will both entertain and educate kids about the environment, and enhance their memory, concentration, and cognitive skills.

1. Bug Hunting in the Backyard

Encourage your little ones and older kids to explore the world of insects right in your own backyard. Equip them with a magnifying glass and let them discover different types of bugs. This activity is not just fun but also helps children learn about biodiversity and insect life cycles. For more information on bug hunting, check out The Backyard Bug Book for Kids.

2. Plant a Mini-Garden

Gardening can be a great way to teach kids responsibility as they care for their plants daily. It’s also an excellent opportunity to explain photosynthesis, plant growth stages, and other botanical concepts in simple terms. You could start by planting easy-to-grow seeds like sunflowers or tomatoes. Check out these creative garden activity ideas from

Remember that gardening gloves and supervision are essential, especially if you have younger kids.

3. Paint Rocks

Rock painting is another fun outdoor activity that promotes creativity. The great thing about this activity is that you can use rocks from your very own backyard! All you need is some acrylic paint and painting brushes and you’ve just created a fun activity to keep your kid busy.

Let kids paint whatever they want on them – animals, patterns, messages – the possibilities are limitless. Once dry, these painted rocks make great decorations for your garden or gifts for friends and family.

4. Press Flowers

Flower pressing is an easy activity that results in some beautiful mementos. It can also spark a love for both art and mother nature. Go on a walk with your child to find some interesting flowers and leaves (hint: make sure they are completely dry), arrange the petals on parchment paper, and press using a book. For a step-by-step tutorial, see this guide on how to press flowers.

The key is making learning fun so that it doesn’t feel like “school”. With these nature-based activities, you’re sure to provide engaging experiences while teaching valuable lessons at the same time.

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Encouraging Physical Activity Outdoors

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Regular physical activity is crucial for children’s health and development. Physical activity can enhance cardiovascular fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, and minimize the likelihood of developing health issues such as heart disease in adulthood.

With our busy schedules, finding time for structured exercise programs for our kids can be challenging. But don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to get active right in your own backyard.

5. Create an Obstacle Course at Home

An obstacle course is a fun way to keep kids moving while also improving their motor skills. You can use items like hula hoops, jump ropes, or cones – anything that encourages running, jumping, or crawling will do the trick. Set up a quick obstacle course at home with this Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Set.

6. Organize Family Walks, Bike Rides, or Runs

Biking around the neighborhood or going on family walks/runs promotes physical activity and strengthens family bonds by spending quality time together outdoors. Check out this piece from Creative Family Fun for guidance on how to make these activities more enjoyable.

7. Play Hopscotch

Hopscotch never goes out of style! Hand your child some sidewalk chalk to help setup the course on a driveway or sidewalk. Then change up the game with some fun hopscotch variations. This is a great game to help build your child’s gross-motor skills and balance.

8. Play Catch or Throw a Frisbee

If you have a baseball and mitts, or a frisbee, then play games of good old-fashioned catch! That may be all you need to get your kids to sweat a little. If you have a little one, then a toss and catch game set where the ball sticks to the paddle may be more appropriate.

Incorporating regular outdoor play into your child’s routine doesn’t have to be complicated – with just a little creativity, you’ll see them having fun while staying fit.

Creative Building Projects

Encouraging creativity in kids can be as easy as stepping into your backyard. Outdoor building projects not only keep them entertained but also help develop important problem-solving skills. Crafting something from nothing, problem-solving challenges, and watching ideas take shape can be a gratifying experience for kids.

9. Build Forts

A classic outdoor activity that never goes out of style is fort-building. Using whatever materials are on hand – sticks, blankets, cardboard boxes – kids can create their own little hideaways right in the backyard. This guide to building an awesome backyard fort provides step-by-step instructions and safety tips to ensure a fun and safe building experience.

10. Craft Boats

If you have a stream, a kiddie pool, or a small pond in your yard, crafting miniature boats can be an exciting project for kids. They’ll love designing their vessels and testing how well they float. Check out this tutorial on making paper boats. It’s easy enough for young ones yet engaging enough for older children too. You can also purchase a wooden boat craft kit that includes everything you need.

11. Build a Bird House

Having a bird house in your backyard is a great way to encourage bird watching and inspire a connection with nature. Building a bird house is easier than you think! You can use recycled materials from your home including juice or milk cartons, popsicle sticks, and bamboo plates to create a cool little bird house. I love this guide for making homemade bird houses.

Incorporating creative activities like these into your child’s routine fosters innovation while providing plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning outside the classroom.

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Get Creative Outdoors

2 boys drawing with sidewalk chalk

Let your child’s imagination run wild with these outdoor artistic ventures that are sure to keep them entertained and engaged.

12. Make Art with Sidewalk Chalk

Kids love drawing with sidewalk chalk. It’s a simple activity that can keep them busy for hours while developing their fine motor skills and color recognition abilities. Encourage them to draw pictures, write words, or create games.

13. Create Wind Chimes

Teach your child about natural materials and sound with a fun wind chime project! You can gather an assortment of items from your home like seashells, beads, or feathers to create a unique design and allow your child’s personality to shine through. Here are some fun wind chime ideas to get inspired!

14. Design Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-dyeing shirts is a fun and creative activity that engages all the senses! Kids get to feel the fabric, immerse it in colorful dyes, and see the magical transformation unfold before their eyes.They’ll also learn about color mixing and patterns. Here’s an easy tie-dying kit you can use to get started.

By engaging in these activities, children can experience nature first-hand and develop a deeper connection with the environment. They can feel different textures under their fingers, observe movements and sounds, and breathe in fresh air.

Fun Challenges Specific to Outdoor Settings

Get your kids excited about spending time outdoors with some friendly competition. These challenges offer fun while stimulating creativity and problem-solving skills.

15. Set Up a Paper Airplane Making Contest

The classic paper airplane making contest is always a hit with kids of all ages. Encourage your little ones to design their own airplanes using different folding techniques, then see whose can fly the farthest. This activity promotes understanding of basic aerodynamics while fostering an environment for creative expression.

16. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Believe it or not, a creative way to teach your kids problem-solving and how to appreciate nature is through a backyard scavenger hunt. Make a list of objects around your backyard (mix it up with some easy, medium, and hard things to find) and let your kids run loose! It should keep them occupied for quite a while!

These outdoor challenges provide opportunities for children to learn about physics principles, teamwork, and problem-solving firsthand.

Fun Science Experiments for Kids to Learn and Play

Children are naturally inquisitive and love to investigate their environment. Science experiments are a great way to foster this curiosity and make learning enjoyable. Conducting experiments in your backyard can be a fun way for kids to learn about different scientific concepts while enjoying some fresh air.

17. Create Butterfly Feeders

Create butterfly feeders to attract beautiful butterflies into your garden. You can use this hands-on activity to teach children about insect life cycles. Check out this easy-to-follow guide on DIY butterfly feeders to get started.

18. Set up a Water Balloon Experiment

Water balloons actually make perfect science experiments! You can set up a floating water balloon experiment to learn about buoyancy, make a water balloon parachute to teach gravity, or learn about force and motion with a fun water balloon tossing game.

Make learning fun and engaging for kids with these simple science experiments and outdoor activities. Who knows, you might even learn something new yourself.

Classic Backyard Games And New Adventures

Little boy riding a bicycle

Don’t forget about the classics! Here are some timeless backyard activity ideas you’ll want to incorporate as well.

19. Ride Bikes

Riding scooters, bikes and tricycles in the backyard is a great way to encourage independence and develop motor skills. Kids can gain balance and coordination by playing outdoors. You can make this activity more exciting by setting up mini races or obstacle courses.

20. Jump Rope

Classic games like jump rope promote coordination and are favorites across generations worldwide. Reviving such traditions can provide physical activity while subtly teaching kids about rhythm and timing – essential elements in music and dance.

21. Pull Weeds

Pulling weeds might seem like a chore to you, but it’s actually an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about garden maintenance. To make it more engaging and get your kids involved, turn it into a game where they have to find specific types of plants or bugs. Who knows, they might even discover a new species!

22. Have a Photoshoot

Capturing memories through outdoor photography sessions is another wonderful backyard activity. Kids can learn basic camera handling techniques while exploring nature right at home. Check out these tips from Outdoortopia on teaching kids photography. It’s never too early to start honing their skills.

23. Set up an Outdoor Movie Night

This is one of my favorite backyard activity ideas! And other than having a projector, you don’t need any fancy equipment to set it up. Just hang a white sheet (you can use a shower rod and plant hangers to hang it on) and gather some pillows and blankets for seating. All that’s left is some popcorn for a fun family movie night!


As a busy mom, it can be challenging to find ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged during the summer months. Fortunately, your backyard can be a great source of fun ideas for outdoor play. Activities like the ones mentioned in this post help children develop their motor skills while keeping them entertained outside of digital screens.

No matter what activity you choose from this list of fun things, remember that the goal is to encourage more time outdoors amidst our increasingly indoor-focused lifestyles. So go ahead – step out into your yard today and embark on new family adventures under the open sky!

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FAQs in Relation to Backyard Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities promote physical health, reduce stress levels, enhance cognitive abilities, and foster social skills.

Kids enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as bug hunting, gardening, cycling or scootering around the backyard.

Some great activities to make your backyard more fun including creating a mini-garden, building forts, and organizing an outdoor scavenger hunt.

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