32 Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

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Unicorns are some of children’s most beloved mythical creatures. If you have a big birthday coming up for one of your young kids, consider celebrating with a fun unicorn birthday party theme!

I threw a unicorn-themed birthday party for my daughter’s 4-year-old birthday and it turned out to be my favorite birthday to plan. Not only did everything turn out beautiful, but my daughter had so much fun and now wants another unicorn birthday party next year (cute, but gotta change it up!).

To help you plan an awesome birthday party, I’ve put together a quick and easy list of fantastic unicorn birthday party ideas that will save you time and money.

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Why have a Unicorn Birthday Party for your child?

Here are some great reasons why you should throw a magical unicorn birthday party:

  • The colors are AMAZING. A lot of colors work for a unicorn party theme, but especially purple, pink, metallics, turquoise, white, and yellow. You could also just go full-on rainbow and that works too! Whether you choose a muted palette or more bright colors, the result is a very flattering color scheme that is sure to please.
  • It’s a very popular and on-trend theme. That means on-theme supplies and decor are easy to find. For example, Party City currently has an entire section dedicated to the unicorn birthday party theme. I also found my daughter’s unicorn ice cream birthday cake at a random stop at Baskin Robbins!
  • There are lots of ways to DIY and stay on budget. There are so many budget-friendly ideas on Pinterest for making your own unicorn-inspired cupcakes and cakes, backdrops, gift bags, and more!

Whimsical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some creative and unique unicorn birthday party ideas that your child will love.

1. Create unicorn birthday party invitations

Set the tone of the party by creating some fun unicorn birthday party invitations. I used Zazzle.com for my daughter’s birthday because they sell beautiful invitations for a unicorn party at a good price. Use my referral link to get a discounted price on your first order!

2. Dress to impress in a unicorn-inspired birthday outfit

Lucky for you, unicorn-inspired clothing for little girls is all the rage now. You can find a unicorn shirt, pants, socks, and dresses pretty much wherever kids clothing is sold. I bought my daughter’s dress on Amazon for really cheap and I kid you not, even my mouth dropped when I put it on her. It was GORGEOUS!

3. Have guests wear fun headbands with unicorn horns

Another great way to add magical flair to your party is to offer unicorn headbands for your little guests! You can save money by buying a party pack with a dozen headbands.

4. Play a fun unicorn birthday party game

Here are some fun ideas for unicorn games for your kids’ birthday party:

5. Cut into a delicious unicorn cake

rainbowunicorn birthday cake and matching cupcakes

What’s a unicorn party without a unicorn cake? You could make your own sheet cake with a rainbow filling or purchase a unicorn-shaped cake! I got lucky because I went to Baskin Robbins and they had frozen unicorn ice cream cakes available. They looked great and were inexpensive compared to a custom made cake!

6. Customize party favors with unicorn printables

You can find really nice printables on Etsy or Pinterest and add unicorn tags and labels on your party favor bags.

7. Book a kids’ entertainer to give a magical performance

Last minute, I hired a kids entertainer and I’m so glad I did! She dressed up as a “Unicorn Fairy,” sang songs, played games, made balloon animals, and did face painting. It was 2 hours of entertainment that I didn’t have to worry about and the kids had a blast!

8. Buy favor bags with a unicorn print

You can find goodie bags that are perfect for either boys or girls like this awesome 20 pack of favor bags.

9. Ride on a “magical” pony

little girl riding on a pony

Okay I admit, this idea is a bit excessive BUT our neighbor had a real pony at their kid’s unicorn party! They offered magical “unicorn” rides for all of the kids. It added quite a unique element to the party!

10. Bake unicorn shaped cookies

While you could order unicorn cookies from a bakery, if you want to save money, consider DIY! I used this cookie cutter that is in the shape of a unicorn head, and had fun baking and decorating the cookies. They looked beautiful on the dessert table and I was able to give them away as party favors! You can also make simple unicorn sugar cookies. Inspirational Momma has a great recipe you can check out for a little inspiration.

11. Create a unicorn backdrop

unicorn birthday party backdrop, balloon garland, and cake table

You can get a DIY kit to make your own unicorn backdrop or buy one like I did. The one I purchased was high quality and really brought the unicorn theme together.

12. DIY unicorn rainbow garland

Don’t skip out on the garland! They’re so easy to make yourself now with balloon garland kits (although admittedly I get intimidated so I have my cousin do them!). The unicorn balloon garland made my party look like a fairy tale!

13. Dress up the cake table with a rainbow skirt

I hadn’t been looking for a cake table skirt, but when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It completely transformed the cake table! The one I got was stunning and matched the colors of the party perfectly.

14. Add a magical photo booth

Have fun taking silly pictures in a unicorn photo booth. All you need are some cool unicorn-themed props and a backdrop!

15. Bake unicorn cupcakes or cake pops

unicorn birthday party cake pops

Bake your own unicorn cupcakes or cake pops using the different colors of your theme or add a rainbow filling inside. Try this fun unicorn cupcakes recipe from The Spruce Eats.

16. DIY unicorn mason jars to hold utensils or treats

I loved this creative idea from Megan Plus Five! You can use unicorn-decorated mason jars as centerpieces, utensil holders, or on the dessert table filled with sweet treats.

17. Read a fun unicorn story book

You can find lots of fun unicorn story books and do a story time as part of the party activities. Here are some adorable unicorn books that my kids love:

18. Serve delicious rainbow milkshakes or hot chocolate

What kid doesn’t love milkshakes and hot chocolate?! Try this delicious unicorn milkshake recipe from Fun Money Mom or this unicorn hot chocolate recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter that is perfect for cold weather birthdays.

19. Hang a colorful unicorn-inspired banner

Change up the usual boring Happy Birthday banner with one that has a unicorn flair.

20. Enjoy hitting a unicorn piñata stuffed with candy and toys

Unicorn birthday party piñata

My birthday girl still won’t stop talking about the unicorn piñata. It was a hit with the kids! I used this one which was big enough for the amount of kids I had (about 12) and also came with a blindfold and a bat.

21. Make edible unicorn horns out of sugar cones

I saw this idea on the Hostest with the Mostest blog and I thought it was so unique! It’s simple enough to make and I could see it being a huge hit with kids!

22. Download unicorn coloring pages

Add in an easy art activity at the party by giving your kiddie guests unicorn coloring pages they can draw on.

23. Add rainbow candy to a dessert table

rainbow candy and rainbow large lollipops

This one is admittedly very easy, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can create a beautiful unicorn dessert table just by adding rainbow candy to clear jars.

24. Rent a rainbow cotton candy machine

I went to a circus-themed birthday party that had a cotton candy machine and it was so popular with guests! You could rent one locally or buy your own and add the colors of your theme!

25. Dip pretzels in rainbow colored chocolate

These “Unicorn Horns” pretzel rods are easy to make yourself and are sure to be a hit!

26. Engage guests in tye-dye t-shirt activity

I recently went to a birthday party where one of the activities was tye-dying t-shirts in the backyard! The kids loved it and got to take theirs home, so it also serves as a party favor! Plus the rainbow colors of the tye-dye are right on theme.

27. Make rainbow rice krispy treats

The only thing that can make rice krispy treats yummier is to add a splash or rainbow and marshmallows! Check out this drool-worthy recipe for Rainbow Marshmallow Dream Bars.

28. Order unicorn birthday party balloons

No unicorn birthday party decor is complete without some actual unicorn balloons!

29. DIY rainbow-sprinkled frosted donuts

They look so pretty, you’re not going to want to eat them! But who are we kidding, kids are going to jump when they see unicorn donuts! Here’s a great recipe to try.

30. Create a unicorn painting station

Another very creative party I attended was an art party where they had all these mini easels set up on a table and customized smocks for the kids to paint freely. Check out this post to get more inspiration for this adorable idea for a unicorn party!

31. Serve “magical” rainbow popcorn

Making rainbow popcorn is easier than you think! Check out this quick and simple recipe.

32. Cool off in a unicorn inflatable kiddie pool

If you’re having a summertime party, throw a unicorn inflatable kiddie pool in the backyard and let the birthday kid and their guests splash around!

Last Word on Unicorn Birthday Parties

These 32 unicorn birthday party ideas are everything you need to get inspired and throw a beautiful and fun party for your child.

My last tip is to get your child involved in the prep work! I had my daughter fill goodie bags with me, a job she took very seriously and it amped up her anticipation for the party (and somehow she kept her hands off the candy!).

Make planning a breeze with our free guide, “How to Plan a Stress-Free Week without Burnout,” and take the first step towards conquering all your to-dos and having more time for yourself!

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