5 Best Parenting Blogs in 2021

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How many of these incredible parenting blogs do you follow? I’m going to share the top 5 parenting blogs that really helped me as I navigated through the challenges of new motherhood. 

And by the end of the article, you will discover blogs that are inspiring, informational, and down-to-earth! That’s right, no parenting “experts” here, just real parents offering practical tips and stories that you can relate to.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Rookie Moms

Let’s get real here, we’re not taught motherhood in school. As much as we hope that once we become a mother we’ll know exactly what to do, the reality is some of it is gut instinct and a lot of it is trial and error. Created by a mom of 5, Rookie Moms is a great resource for new and expecting moms, covering everything from pregnancy to preschool. On the blog, you can find guides for the best products for moms and babies, breastfeeding tips, and meal ideas for babies transitioning to solids.

My favorite part of the website is that it breaks down resources for your baby by age. So if for example, you wanted to just see resources for your 7-month-old, you could quickly select “Months 7-9” and only see posts that are relevant for your child’s age.

Swaddles n’ Bottles

This blog is such a gem for new moms. It’s packed with tons of information, including a weekly pregnancy guide and breastfeeding support resources. They even sell cute inexpensive printables that you can use for your Baby Shower!

While they focus heavily on pregnancy and breastfeeding content, they do have great resources for newborn care and raising toddlers. They also have a sister site, Little Learning Club, geared towards fun and educational activities for babies and toddlers.

Check out my favorite posts from Swaddles n’ Bottles: Genius Newborn Hacks That Make Life with Baby Easier and True Life: What the first 10 days at home with baby were REALLY like.

Coffees and Coos

Beyond having an awesome name, Coffee and Coos is a haven for expecting and new moms, as well as moms with young children. Created by a mom of two boys, this mama keeps it real and answers all those burning questions you have about motherhood.

Coffees and Coos also offers an inexpensive 50+ page Pregnancy Planner that includes pre-baby checklists, questionnaires, and labor prep resources. As someone who had no clue what was going on during my first pregnancy, I would’ve killed for a guide like this!

For all you toddler parents expecting your second child, I highly recommend checking out this helpful article from the blog: How to Ease into Life with a Toddler and a Newborn.

Pregnant Chicken

This was the very first mommy blog I ever read and loved, and even signed up for the email list while I was pregnant with my first. Similar to the other blogs I mentioned, it covers everything from pregnancy to parenthood. What makes this blog different is that the content is not only educational but also funny. It feels like you’re talking to your fellow mom friend.

In addition to the typical parenthood posts you’ll find online, Pregnant Chicken addresses unique and relatable topics such as mom-guilt and teaching your kids about racism. What I also love is that they have a section for dads, for moms with multiples, and stay at home moms.

If you really want to laugh, check out this Pregnant Chicken post: Thanks, Kids! 10 Things I’m Grateful For Since Becoming a Mom.

Aha! Parenting

If you have toddlers, this blog is a MUST FOLLOW. I turned to this blog recently around the so-called “threenager” phase of my child’s toddlerhood. This is the place you go to when you feel like your child has lost her mind and you have no idea how to manage their behavior. Founded by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Laura Markham, this blog uses proven science and child development research to serve you practical solutions that will help you connect better with your child.

Dr. Markham incorporates her Peaceful Parenting model into all of her resources, which focuses on 3 basic concepts: regulating our emotions as parents, connecting with your child, and coaching instead of controlling.

She has also written books based on this model, one of which I recently read and put into practice with my own toddler: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.

Aha! Parenting has educational resources for every age, all the way up to teenagers. Check out these insightful posts from the blog: Routines that Toddlers Can Understand and Managing Your Toddler: TANTRUMS!


If you’re looking for a solid list of parenting blogs to follow, here you have it! These blogs offer helpful advice and guidance for every stage you find yourself in parenting a little one. Parenting may feel lonely sometimes, but hopefully with these resources you’ll feel more supported and confident as you continue through your parenting journey.

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