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How to Take a Mom Vacation (And Not Feel Guilty!)

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A mom vacation — or momcation — is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a vacation from being a chef, alarm clock, chauffeur, planner, maid, doctor, storyteller, house manager, shopper, and more.

In other words, it’s taking a healthy break from being a mom.

I’ll never forget the first time I took a momcation. It was long overdue, and I was feeling completely burnt out from juggling work, family, and all the responsibilities that come with being a mom. I decided to treat myself to a weekend at a spa resort, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Being able to relax, unwind, and focus on myself for a few days was incredibly rejuvenating. I came back home feeling like a new person, with more energy and patience. It made me realize just how important it is to prioritize self-care and take time for myself, not just for my own well-being, but for the benefit of my family as well.

Gone are the days when we condemned mothers for even thinking about taking time for themselves. As our society becomes more aware of the negative health impacts of burnout, especially for women, the mom vacation is becoming more popular. The only caveat is that most mothers tend to feel guilty for leaving their children and husbands behind to fend for themselves.

However, you need and deserve time to rest and recharge. After all, your family will benefit more when you’re healthy, happy, and at your best. Now, let’s talk about why momcations are important and how to plan them properly — minus the guilt!

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Why You Need a Momcation

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You may be thinking to yourself, well, I chose to become a mother and live this life. However, becoming a mother shouldn’t be a consequential thing. It shouldn’t keep you from caring for yourself and indulging in your own experiences or learning new things. It also shouldn’t mean losing yourself and feeling disconnected from the individual person you were before becoming a mother.

There are also some telltale signs that you’re burning bright and fast and need a break. Those signs often include:

  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with little things.
  • Losing all of your patience, even for normal things.
  • Having the constant desire to just be alone.
  • Feeling as if you can’t get the simplest tasks done, so you allow them to go unfinished.
  • Feeling like a zombie and going through the motions of daily life.
  • Feeling disinterested in family time and even becoming lenient with discipline and important routines.

Momcations are meant to help you maintain your overall health and sanity so you can continue being the best mom possible to your children.

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The Benefits of a Mom Vacation

Momcations aren’t always about exploring exotic places and doing something wild. Although, these types of momcations can and should be arranged! However, many mom vacations involve long spa weekends, taking classes, or spending a few days catching up with friends or reading a good book.

The point is to do something that’s going to help you feel refreshed and enable you to reconnect with yourself — so you can return to your family full of the energy that makes you who you are.

When you take time away from motherhood to focus on yourself, you end up reaping the following rewards:

  • Your peace is restored, leaving you less impatient and irritable.
  • Your patience is also restored, giving you more bandwidth to tackle everyday responsibilities.
  • Your energy returns, allowing you to be in the moment with your kids versus going through the motions and not enjoying your time with them.
  • Your kids get alone time with their dad or other caregivers. This allows for bonding with other family members and teaches them about independence early on.
  • It allows you to reconnect with yourself and re-establish your identity outside of being a mom.
  • It enables you to get ahead on projects or planning without distractions.
  • It gives your partner the opportunity to miss you!

Once I saw the impact my solo trip had on my mental health, I started making it a priority to plan regular momcations, whether it’s a weekend getaway or just a day to myself. It’s made me a happier, more present mom, and I truly believe it’s made me better at all the other roles I juggle in my life.

Arguably, the greatest thing you’ll gain from taking momcations is yourself. When you’re run down and exhausted, you’re not yourself — and that’s no way to go through motherhood or life!

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Tips For Planning the Perfect Mom Vacation

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Planning your momcations is all about timing, budgeting, and having a central idea of what you want from your time away. That said, a mom vacation shouldn’t just be a one-off event, but something you plan for yourself several times each year.

With all of this in mind, here are some top tips for planning the best momcations:

1. Plan Ahead of Time

As a mom, your schedule is already full of play dates, school events, holiday affairs, birthdays, sporting events, and so much more. If you wait until the last minute when you’re already feeling run down and aggravated, you’ll only find that there’s no time to plan anything.

So, start by looking at your calendar and blocking off any untapped weekend or singular days before it’s too late. This will ensure you’ve already programmed your brain to save the date!

2. Make a List

Think about what you want out of each momcation. Do you want to get pampered at a spa and relax by a pool for a weekend? Do you just want time alone to rest and clear your head? Are you looking to get some friends together for an adventurous getaway?

Make a list of things you want to do or accomplish on your mom vacations. This will make it easier to plan based on the days you’ve blocked out on your calendar.

Here is a list of momcation ideas for inspiration:

  • Relaxation Retreat: If you’re feeling burnt out, a spa weekend or a few days at a tropical resort might be just what you need.
  • Wine Tasting Tour: Explore a new wine region and indulge in some delicious drinks and beautiful scenery.
  • Shopping Spree: Hit the shops in your favorite city or outlet mall and treat yourself to some retail therapy.
  • Adventure Trip: Go whitewater rafting, hiking, or rock climbing and get your adrenaline pumping.
  • Cultural Escape: Immerse yourself in a new culture by visiting a foreign country or exploring a different part of your own country.
  • Learn a New Skill: Take a cooking class, a yoga retreat, or a photography workshop and learn something new. There are websites like this one that will help you with planning the perfect yoga retreat.
  • Friends Getaway: Reconnect with your girlfriends for a weekend of laughter, cocktails, and catching up.
  • Staycation: You don’t have to go far to relax and recharge. Book a hotel room in your own city, order room service, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Keep in mind that resting IS an accomplishment!

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3. Consider Your Budget

Whether you want to take a fun class or have an adventure, mom vacations cost money. Creating a budget will enable you to create a realistic plan that gets you the most out of your time away.

Remember to look for deals through rental sites and apps like Groupon. You may also want to apply for a credit card that offers flier miles and excellent cash-back rewards to bolster your budget!

4. Plan Something Fun For the Kids

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Even if you’re only planning to go away for a weekend, it’s a good idea to discuss what your partner will be doing with the kids while you’re gone. Help them come up with some fun bonding ideas or plan for them to stay with fun family members.

Your partner should be able to handle this kind of thing on their own. However, knowing your family also has something to look forward to while you’re away will alleviate the guilt associated with ditching them for some me time.

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5. Be a Mom, Not a Martyr

It’s hard not to fall into the martyr mentality where you feel you must suffer for your family’s happiness. Being a mother doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your mental health or individuality for the sake of everyone else.

You deserve to feel healthy and happy so you can enjoy every ounce of motherhood — and your life. That’s why planning a mom vacation is so important!

So if you really want to enjoy a relaxing trip away from your family, tackle the mom-guilt head-on. Remind yourself that you’re doing this not just for yourself, but so that you can be an even more amazing mom when you get back home!


Momcations are not just about sipping cocktails on a beach (although that does sound amazing!). They’re about doing something that makes you feel like you again. Whether it’s a spa weekend, a class you’ve been wanting to take, or just some uninterrupted reading time, it’s all about recharging your batteries.

You’re guaranteed to come back home feeling more patient, more energized, and more like yourself. Plus, your partner and kids get some quality bonding time, which is always a good thing.

So, plan ahead, block off those weekends, and make a list of what you want to do! And most importantly, remember that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish—it’s necessary.

Here’s to guilt-free momcations and returning home refreshed and rejuvenated!

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