Momcozy Lactation Massager Review: Breastfeeding Essential or Trendy Tool?

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Breastfeeding moms know all too well the pain of a clogged milk duct and engorged breasts. Not only are they unpleasant, but it’s not always easy to get quick relief. That’s why lactation massagers like the Momcozy Lactation Massager are one breastfeeding essential I highly recommend every breastfeeding mother have.

In my first month of my breastfeeding journey with my second child, I remember having a clogged duct that got so severe, it led to mastitis. I tried to manually massage my breasts and nurse to the point of exhaustion. It was an unfortunate (and painful) episode that had to get cleared up with a treatment of antibiotics.

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Now that I know the benefits of an electric massager for relieving clogged ducts and releasing breast milk, I want to share how this nifty tool can provide a more pleasant breastfeeding experience, especially in the newborn phase when moms may have oversupply.

If you’re wondering what a lactation massager is, keep reading as I break down all of the benefits of lactation massagers and my detailed review of Momcozy’s Warming and Vibration Lactation massager.

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Momcozy Lactation Massager Review

I was able to try the Momcozy Warming and Vibration Lactation Massager and I’m excited to share with you my thoughts! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Momcozy, their company has a great reputation for high-quality affordable breastfeeding products, including their popular wearable breast pumps. (For a full list of the best breast pumps, check out 11 Best Pumps for Working Moms.)

Pros of the Momcozy Lactation Massager

Here is an in-depth view of the pros of the Momcozy lactation massager:


The Momcozy lactation massager is very affordable, currently priced at $29.99, which is comparable to other popular lactation massagers on the market, including the LaVie lactation massager and the Frida Lactation Massager.


The packaging not only included the lactation massager and a USB magnetic charging cable, but also a cute little travel pouch so you can take the lactation massager with you on the go.

Design and Size

I love the small curved shape of the Momcozy lactation massager. This palm-sized gadget is small enough to comfortably fit in one hand and fit in your nursing or pumping bra. It’s discreet enough that you can throw it into your breast pump bag and carry it around with you. The dusty rose color is also appealing.

The curved shape of the massage molds easily to your breast while you’re massaging. It also has different ends, including a pointy end so that you can target specific areas of your breast.

A nice bonus is that the lactation massager is made of liquid silicone that not only feels soft on your hand and breast but is also food-grade and safe.

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Ease of Use

The Momcozy lactation massager is easy to use once you get the hang of it. It has only two buttons on it: a power button and a heating button.

Turning the massager on and off was simple, you just press the power button down for 2 seconds.

The tricky thing is that the Power button also controls the intensity settings. So definitely make sure you read the instruction manual on how to use these settings, because there is a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning.

To control the intensity, it’s a quick short-press of the Power button. The Momcozy lactation massager has a total of 6 vibration modes.

It’s the same process for the heat setting. You just long press the top heat button to turn it on, and then short press to change between the 3 adjustable modes for heating. There’s 3 light indications to show you which heating mode you’re in.


I loved that the Momcozy lactation massager includes both warming and vibration for such a low cost. Some other lactation massagers, such as the Lavie lactation massager, doesn’t come with a heat setting, and the Lavie 2-in-1 warming massager that does have this feature is really expensive at $69.99!

I definitely felt that the lactation massager with warm vibrations helped me produce more milk. My right boob is a “slacker” boob and when I used the massager I produced more milk and at a faster rate!

Decent Battery Life

The Momcozy lactation massager claims to get up to 90 minutes of use, and it depends what settings and selection you use. That being said, I found that the massager held its charge for about 3 pumping sessions (my sessions are typically 20-30 minutes each) before it needed a charge.

If you’re able to charge it quickly, 3 pumping sessions is a good amount of time before a charge. But while you’re traveling, you may want to take note to use the lower settings to preserve battery life.


The lactation massager is also water resistant which is great because you can use it in the shower and take advantage of massaging under warm water, which also helps loosen stubborn ducts and relieve engorgement.

Cons of the Momcozy Lactation Massager

Mom breastfeeding and carrying her baby

Intensity settings are too strong

Perhaps it’s just me, but I felt like the intensity settings could have been less…intense. It’s good when using for a clogged duct, but if I’m just using it to massage while pumping I felt it was a bit much. I would have preferred less intense vibrations.

Magnetic charger doesn’t work well

The massager charges quickly and you can see when it’s been fully charged because the light will remain solid. But while it’s great that it doesn’t require batteries, I was not a fan at all of the magnetic charger.

It wasn’t a strong magnet, so there were many times where it would unplug and I’d find it hadn’t charged at all. It didn’t take much to disconnect the charger either, any slight movement would do it (and if you have toddlers like I do, you know their favorite hobby is bumping into things!)

Heat setting takes a long time to heat up

Another minor con is that the Momcozy massager took longer than I expected to warm up. While I’m happy it includes heat at all, it does take about 2 minutes to even notice the heat.

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Benefits of lactation massage

Lactation massage offers a lot of great benefits. Stimulating breasts through massage has long been recommended to breastfeeding mothers to:

  • improve milk flow,
  • soothe engorged breasts,
  • and release clogged ducts.

While you can technically use your own hands to massage your breasts and achieve the same result, I found lactation massagers to be lifesavers when you’re exhausted during middle of the night feedings or need quick relief. I also find it to be more efficient because it incorporates different settings and intensity levels that my hands can’t really mimic.

However, there are risks with using lactation massagers and they should be used gently. Putting too much pressure on the breast can cause trauma and can actually cause more harm than good.

What does a lactation massager do?

A lactation massager is a silicone handheld device that stimulates the breast with vibration. Some, like the Momcozy lactation massager, also provide warmth. Lactation massagers can be really helpful to empty breasts of milk and with breastfeeding challenges such as clogged ducts.

When should I use a lactation massager?

Lactation massagers can be used:

  • before a nursing session to encourage let down;
  • while you’re pumping or nursing to get your breast milk to flow more quickly;
  • to increase milk production when your milk supply dips;
  • your breasts are engorged and you need quick relief; or
  • you’re suffering from a clogged duct.

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

So would I recommend the Momcozy lactation massager? Absolutely! It can be lifesaver for issues like engorgement, blocked ducts, and mastitis. You can easily use the massager in your bra, one-handed while nursing, or in the shower as it’s waterproof. It can also boost your milk flow, it’s super portable, and very affordable. What’s not to love?

Buy yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Momcozy lactation massager has different sides you can use to get relief. You can apply the massager curve side down on your breast and rub around the breast towards the nipple. You can also use the narrow point of the massager to apply pressure in specific areas, such as where you feel pain. Finally, the double-tipped end of the massager has a scraping board design so you can massage down your breast towards the nipple to encourage let-down and increase milk flow.

Lactation massagers work well to stimulate the breast with vibration which can help empty the breast of milk and relieve breastfeeding challenges such as clogged ducts and engorgement. While you can technically use your own hands to massage your breasts and achieve the same result, I found lactation massagers to be lifesavers when you’re exhausted during middle of the night feedings or need quick relief.

Lactation massage has long been recommended to breastfeeding mothers to encourage let down and improve milk flow. Studies have shown that stimulating massage while nursing can help empty the breasts and encourage the production of more milk.

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